Samantha Smith- By: Bianca Zuleta 6A

samantha_smith.jpgSamantha Smith was known as "Main's Young Ambasador of Goodwill" after wrighting a letter to the leader of the Soviet Union, with only 10-years old.

Biographical Notes:

 Samantha Smith was a 10- year old child actress, who grew up in Manchester, Main. She attended "Manchester Elementary School", and "Manchester Middle School"


 She saw images of "The Cold War" and heard that the US was having problems with the Soviet Union on the news. She thought that there might be war against each other, and got really worried about what might happen later on.

"Actually, the whole thing started when I asked my mother if there was going to be a war. There was always something on television about missiles and nuclear bombs. Once I watched a science show on public television and the scientists said that a nuclear war would wreck the Earth and destroy the atmosphere. Nobody would win a nuclear war. I remembered that I woke up one morning and wondered if this was going to be the last day of the Earth. images.jpg

I asked my mother who would start a war and why. She showed me a news magazine with a story about America and Russia, one that had a picture of the new Russian leader, Yuri Andropov, on the cover. We read it together. It seemed that the people in both Russia and America were worried that the other country would start a nuclear war. It all seemed so dumb to me. I had learned about the awful things that had happened during World War II, so I thought that nobody would ever want to have another war. I told Mom that she should write to Mr. Andropov to find out who was causing all the trouble. She said, "Why don't you write to him?" So I did."


Samantha saw many things about nuclear bombs. How it damages the soil, and nothing can grow until all of those chemicals are removed. And how many people where left homeless. She thought that it might get to her and her family (the war). And she looked in magazines and learned about the new Russian leader (at that time).


In 1982, at the age of 10, she wrote a letter to the governor of the Soviet Union, Yuri Andropov. She recieved no response until, 1983, a year later. She got what she wanted, and even more, she was personally invited to Russia! Also in 1983, her letter was published all over Russia, and the world. Then she was invited to Japan by the government. She delivered a speech for kids and adults in a school.





The Japanese government helped her with her speech location; and the invitation to Japan. Her mother and father let her do all of these actions. They where the ones who accompanied her in all of her trips, and they where always there for her.

Advertisement/Spread the word:

435435.jpg After sending the letter to Mr. Andropov, he decided to publish her letter all over the news paper. And, he send the copy of the letter to the U.S., and other countries so it could be published all over the world.

Something Outstanding?:

=She was always only 10-years old when she wrote the letter. However, she became " Main's Young Ambassador of Goodwill" And her speech in Kobe, Japan, made millions of people take some action of their own.

Evaluation and Reflection:

-She helped many children get into peace making for a better world

-Her death (Age 13) affected millions, and millions of people, which made them take action against war

-After her death, her mother created "The Samantha Smith Foundation"

I think Samantha did amazing actions, to help this world. Her actions show us how by doing something big, no matter whatever it is, we can create a big change. She got into our hearts and she showed that if we try, and really do it with purpose, all together can live in peace.

Slogan- Don't give up:

After her visit to the Soviet Union, the wrote a book, titled: "Journey to the Soviet Union". In this book, she show the importance of living in peace, her adventure thoughts, and her wishes for world peace.



December 1982- Samantha Smith, with only 10 years of age, writes a letter to the Soviet Union leader, Yuri Andropov

April 1983- Yuri Andropov writes back telling her that no nuclear war is going to occur. Plus she receives an invitation to visit the Soviet Union

July 1983- Samantha leaves for a two-week flight to Moscow, Russia with her parents

August 25 1985- Samantha (aged 13) and her father are killed in an airplane crash

October 1985- Samantha's mother establishes "The Samantha Smith Foundation"

December 1986- A statue of Samantha is placed in front of the State Cultural Building